Didn't have a chance to deepen myself into TAW 2 (and for a few weeks still won't have), but from readmes and such I couldn't find ANY actual major improvement over default TAW (1998).

At least these 2 major problems of the original weren't adressed:

- still unlimited enemy aircraft in campaigns (no matter how many you bring down, there will always be more left, which brings the question: why to bother in the first place?)

- still no war on the ground (meaning you have only AA war, useless as shown at my previous point, and only stationary ground targets - not even columns on the road, let alone tank formations or ships - EF200, though also completely lacking in vehicles, at least featured ships).

So why to play version 2? Just for the new graphics (limited on their own, as for example I found the explosions to be the same as in the original version)?

In the end, why all the fuss? No new weapons (nuke would be fine, as well as many stand-off weapons - don't you feel that TAW fails in providing realism in that - a state-of-the-art aircraft equipped with short-range weapons, including even dumb bombs? common, you must be kidding; I miss for example the different ways to employ anti-SAM missile in EF2000).

Don't get me wrong, I still love TAW (actually, I love what TAW could have been), but those limitations in the original (left unaddressed in v2) still make me drop it after only a few days.

Thank you.

Neil Coal