by Home Fries


When we released TAW 2.0, I wrote an addendum to the original TAW manual that both highlights improvements and new features with TAW 2.0 and covers most of the known issues you are likely to encounter.  I did this in PDF format so that I could provide graphics and a table of contents for a document that is approximately 30 pages.  This also reduced the size of the readme file significantly.  One thing I neglected to do, however, was provide an explanation of this addendum in the readme file.

What has happened is this great manual addendum is hidden to most people, because the explanation of how to access it is hidden in the manual addendum!  That is one of the big purposes of this thread.

This thread is a quick primer on the things you can (and must) do for basic functionality that can be easily overlooked.

The Launcher Main Screen

This is what you see when you fire up TAW 2.0.

To launch TAW from this screen, just click on the F-22.  You will know when you have it right because your mouse cursor changes to an F-22.

But first, you will need to configure TAW.  You can click here to go to the configuration screen:

The Configuration Screen
This should look somewhat familiar, as you saw a variant of this screen when you installed TAW 2.0 for the first time.  I have highlighted the "Configure D3D 1024" button because 1024x768 users cannot go to the Options screen in TAW by normal means.  If you run TAW in Direct3D 1024x768, you need to use this button.

The Manual Addendum

Since accessing the Manual Addendum is ultimately the purpose of this wiki article, you might conclude that this document is important. The Manual Addendum should hopefully explain every question you might have about TAW 2.0, both in terms of use and troubleshooting.

To get there, go here:

This takes you to the References menu, where you can find a multitude of documents and links.  The TAW 2.0 Addendum icon is here:
Note that you can hold the cursor over each icon to get a tooltip describing the document, if you are wondering what the document is.

I highly recommend reading the TAW 2.0 Manual Addendum.  The first part of the document explains the new features of TAW 2.0, and the second part of the document provides in-depth troubleshooting for multiple configurations and multiple operating systems. Note that you need Adobe Acrobat or a compatible PDF viewer to view this file.

Pull-Down Menus (TAW 2.11+)

As of TAW v2.11, there are now pull-down menus on the TAW 2.0 Launcher. Of particular note is this selection:

Now you can access the TAW 2.0 Manual Addendum from the main launcher screen. Which, of course, means no more excuses for not reading the manual