• HomeFries

    Among other things, the upcoming Total Air War 2.12 build will feature a satellite campaign map and the new F-22 Nightstalker skin.

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  • Neilcoal

    Didn't have a chance to deepen myself into TAW 2 (and for a few weeks still won't have), but from readmes and such I couldn't find ANY actual major improvement over default TAW (1998).

    At least these 2 major problems of the original weren't adressed:

    - still unlimited enemy aircraft in campaigns (no matter how many you bring down, there will always be more left, which brings the question: why to bother in the first place?)

    - still no war on the ground (meaning you have only AA war, useless as shown at my previous point, and only stationary ground targets - not even columns on the road, let alone tank formations or ships - EF200, though also completely lacking in vehicles, at least featured ships).

    So why to play version 2? Just for the new gra…

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